Will No One Sell a $40,000 Home Anymore?!

It was funny how before the melt down in real estate that some agents turned their noses up at the types of homes I sometimes sell.

So to answer the question in Tammy’s blog:

I have…

I am…

I will!

In my opinion, there are 2 types of buyers for $40,000 homes. Either investors that know what they are doing and are looking to either buy and hold or flip a home. Or the buyer is on a budget and every dollar is important to them. More than likely they have worked hard to save up a down payment and are very cost conscious.

Now there are some down sides to selling $40,000 homes. There are plenty of people that want to buy a home but simply cannot because they cannot get a mortgage. It does not matter how badly you want to buy a home. If you do not have the money to pay for the home OR the ability to get a mortgage, then there is nothing I can do to help you.

So it is different type of business selling homes that many agents turn their noses up at. The frustration of dealing with these homes can be quite large. The plethora of idiots that are determined that they can somehow buy a home with crappy credit and no money also gets old after doing it for several years.

So yes it is a challenge.

But like I said…

I have…

I am…

I will!

Check out Tammy’s blog below:

I write for a lot of real estate companies and brokerages and those agencies and individuals are always looking to market the high-priced properties. Of course, why wouldn’t we? The commission on a $300,000 house is much higher than a $50,000 house but then, people still are buying $50,000 houses right?poor service with low home prices?

I once worked for a real estate broker as his buyer’s agent and unfortunately I was disappointed to see really poor service when he had to help a couple buy a $120,000 house especially when he had buyers looking at $5-$600,000 houses. They even could tell the difference. But, people have to start somewhere, right? Not all of us can afford a half-million dollar house.

Many real estate searches and customizable IDX pages will allow you to set a list of properties to start at a certain price and most agents and brokers want that price to be at least $100,000 or more depending on the neighborhood and their target market. Of course, anyone can go into an advanced property search and type in a $50,000 home or property and get a variety of listings but then are they going to get the same service when it comes time to buying or selling a house for this price range?

Granted, I get it, you put about the same amount of work into a $50,000 sale as you would a $500,000 sale as far as showing the property and writing up a purchase and sale agreement but when did we stop caring about the family the needs to buy or sell a home price under $100,000?

What about you? Do you put the same care and attention into a home buyer that means a lower-priced property versus one that $4-$500,000? If not, who’s buying these properties and how are they doing it?


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