Commissions For Pretending?

Sharing a post from Joe Zolsky down in Daytona Beach Florida about agents sending MLS listings to other agents.

I despise these emails.

I use an email provider that lets me send all future emails from the sender directly to the trash. So if the sender is one of the many services that specialize in spamming agents, I will never see another one of the annoying emails.

You may wonder why I do not just unsubscribe?

Because that is how the spammers find out which email addresses are legit. And then they really start to send you more spam!

I also find these emails to be somewhat insulting. I can find listings in the MLS quite easily, I do not need another agent to point out they just dropped the price or added a new listing. There are functions in the MLS that let me check out the new listings or price changes. I can even look at the Hot Sheet to see the listings that have recently had any changes.

Plus I look at all these new listings, price changes and the Hot Sheet every day. If the price/size home lot /features don’t equal a good deal, I don’t even slow down.

Part of the reason why having the property priced right from day one is so very important…

Something else that is important is filling out every field in the MLS. Makes it easier for other agents to find listings that fit the needs of their buyers.

And I cannot say how having good pictures is also a better bet than spamming your fellow agents.

Sometimes I think that spamming people must be effective considering how much spam I get every day.

But I live by the Golden Rule:

Do Unto Others As You would Have Them Do Unto You

I know that the Golden Rule is something that some people will never understand.

But it works for me.

What do you think?

I do not email blast Realtors. Agents have access to MLS and if they are looking for something, they will see it on MLS, however, I receive tons of emails from other agents every day, so there got to be the reason. Some have link to the listing, but many come like this one, which I received today (address is changed):

MLS # 5555555 00 Wonder Drive, a two story, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home in Turtle Colony  now offering owner financing!

Thank you.

Commissions for pretending?Who the heck the agent is talking to?

Are you trying to bring my attention to your listing? Where is price, size, age, maybe some features that make it unique? Plus a link to MLS would be appreciated.

I have many other messages like this one, so what is my motivation to go to MLS and check the listing?

Do you know what I do?

I delete the message. Do you know what other agents, inundated with these email blasts, do? they delete the message…

How freaking difficult it is to use brains in marketing?

Do you send these messages so that you can then report to your Seller that you sent so many emails to so many agents?

Here is a heretic idea. Why not think beyond BS-ing your Seller, and actually try to sell by making agents notice your listing and, probably, sell it because of more exposure.

Not more BS, but more exposure.

In other words, why pretend that you are trying to sell when you really can try to sell?

Do they pay commissions for pretending?

Image by Brett Jordan via

Mark Brian



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