In Town or Out in The Country?

In case you missed my post about deciding on the ideal location for your next home earlier this week:

If you are looking to buy a home, the good news is you will not need to use a compass to help you find the ideal location. But how can you decide if living in town or out in the country is best for you?

Let’s look at a few advantages of each to help you decide!

City Living

If you seem to always be running behind, then buying a house that is in town might be better for you. Plus you can use public transportation so you won’t have to use a car to get everywhere. You may be able to walk or use a bike to get exercise while running errands or commuting!

Buying a home in town means being closer to shopping, as well as other important amenities such as a doctor’s office, a pharmacy, the post office and more.

I have to point out some of the disadvantages of living in town. First is if you live in the city limits, that means more taxes. The higher taxes may be offset by lower insurance though. Something to check BEFORE you buy!

Also, homes that are in town or closer to town usually cost more. This could mean you will have less SF for your money. And it seems that many homes in town have smaller yards. Which means less space for a garden. Or for kids and pets to play.

Plus there is usually more noise when you live in town.

Country Living

If having some space between your home and your neighbor sounds nice, then living in the country may be for you. When you buy a home in the country, you will be closer to nature. The air will be cleaner and you should be able to see the stars better at night time.

Some people feel that living in the country is safer. I suggest you do your research about crime rates before you buy a house. Often the cost of homes are lower than in the country than in town. You may be able to afford a bigger home on a bigger lot if you choose to live in the country.

You need to consider the commuting costs and the extra time it will take to get to work or to go shopping. Also you need to consider that some of the utilities such as cable or public water and sewer may not be available if you buy a home in the country.

The Take Away

These are just a few things to consider when determining whether you should buy a home in town or in the country. The rural or urban decision is up to you but you must decide which is best before you start looking at homes. Like I said, there are advantages and disadvantages to either option.

The big question is where are you going to be the happiest?

Originally posted at In Town or Out in The Country

Mark Brian



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